In centuries past, magic was a wild and noisome thing. Man wrestled with gods and spirits, tamed fire and rivers, and flew through their dreams. Magic was available to any who were willing to put forth the effort. That changed when a group was no longer content to merely use magic, but wanted to dictate it. They ascended into the Realms Supernal, hoping to control them and all the power that filtered down into the world. They were oppossed by the Oracles, a group hoping to keep the Supernal free from those who would rule all. The fighting caused severe damage, severing the world from the Supernal.

The Oracles created the Watchtowers however, tenous links to the Supernal that a rare few could link their souls to in order that the newly made Abyss might be breached. Man would still wield magic but now the world actively resisted it.

You are soon to be the newest admissions to the Freyburg Academy. An elite school that serves to train and then Awaken those with magical potential. No longer the random Awakenings of yesteryear, the Academy serves to properly educate children in their new potential, and hopefully make sure few of them abuse such gifts…

The Freyburg Academy